Why Channel Letters Are The King Of Business Signs

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If you are starting up a new business or revamping your old signage, the first thought that comes to the mind is how my business name is going to be. And that is very natural, as your business name says a lot about your brand and help customers perceive the type of service they can expect. In most cases, it’s their first interaction with your business as well when they are entering your store or office or when they are just walking past it. Channel letters provide that unique appearance and a professional outlook to the brand and make it stand apart from the competition. 

Types of Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are made from either plastic or metal and they consist of a series of specially crafted figures, shapes, letters, numbers, and logos. The creative possibilities are endless and based on the requirements they can be crafted in any shape or size. There are three major types of channel letter signs:

Front-Lit Channel Letters: The front of each letter is made from translucent plastic and LED lights are placed at the back. The LED’s are installed in a way that illuminates each letter from the front.

Back-Lit Channel Letters: Here, the LED’s are pointed towards the back of each letter. The light-emitting from the back creates a halo effect.

Combination Channel Letters: As the name suggests, they are a combination of the above two types. Each letter is illuminated by installing two LED lights and that creates a unique 3D effect. They are also the most preferred type out of the three. 

How To Place Channel Letters

Channel letters are a perfect fit to be used as both indoor signs and outdoor signs. They have a sturdy built as well as they look elegant. When used as indoor signs, their placement mainly depends on the size and the type of message they are showcasing. For outdoor usage, they can be mounted on top of buildings, fixed to the walls, or boards that protrude from the building. 

Businesses That Can Use Channel Letter Signs

Any business can use channel letters as indoor or outdoor signs, but they are most beneficial for businesses that operate mainly after the sunset. As channel letters are illuminated signs, they provide great visibility in the dark and help customers locate the right place. Some examples would be Bars, Hotels, Hospitals, Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, and more.

If you are convinced about using channel letter signs for your business, get in touch with a professional sign company near you. A well-experienced sign makes will guide you in the right direction. 

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