What Lobby Directory Signs Are Important For Business

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Has your business has grown to a level that it occupies a whole building? Are you in charge of maintaining a commercial or residential building? If yes, then you do not want to lose tenants, right? With so many options available these days it does not take much for the customers to find a new place to rent. But why this happens? The primary reason is they are not satisfied with the overall experience they get. If your building does not have a lobby directory sign, visitors often struggle to find their desired location and sometimes they miss their appointments, or they have to bother the tenants for directions making them frustrated.

Absence of Lobby Directory Signs

This feeling of frustration gets triggered when they lose precious time in finding the right place and it gets amplified when they do not find the other facilities of building to their satisfaction levels. Many times, it makes customers leave the building and never coming back. On top of that, you get a negative word of mouth. This problem can easily be resolved by installing lobby directory signs in your building and combining them with attractive reception signs that provide a welcoming environment to the visitors.

Features of Lobby Directory Signs: –

They are a very clean and simple type of signage. All of them have a certain set of features that they cover.

Building Name: The first and foremost thing that every lobby directory signs have is the name of the building. This helps visitors to identify that they have reached the right place. This comes in handy especially in those cases where the same group of the building has different blocks or divisions. 

Floor Numbers: In general, the entries are arranged by floor. This helps visitors to find the exact space when there are multiple tenants on the same floor. In case, where a single floor is allocated to a single entity, it is also mentioned clearly by the floor number.

Room Numbers: Like floor numbers, every facility is marked with a clear room number. All those respective room numbers are displayed on lobby directory signs to make sure the visitors get a clear idea of where their desired facility is located. 

Types of Lobby Directory Signs

Wall-Hung Directories: These directories are generally placed in the corridors or by the lift to direct visitors to a specific property on that floor. In a way, they act as mini directory signs. They also have some blank space next to each tenant to display any additional information.

Pylon Directories: They are used as temporary directory signs when the primary ones are not accessible due to any reason. Their main job is to provide immediate instructions like directions, messages, out of order, maintenance, etc.

Outdoor Directory Panels: If the building has outdoor areas like cafeterias, smoking zones or rooftops, outdoor directory panels are installed to guide people in the right direction. These signs also contain directions towards public facilities like elevators, restrooms, etc.

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