What are Monument Signs? Why should You Invest In Them?

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Is your business located in Birmingham, AL? If yes, then you should definitely think about investing in monument signs. They are a big permanent structure that reflects solidarity and provides a professional outlook to your business. Monument signs can be commonly seen at facilities like hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, universities, theme parks, and similar structures. They are a great way of informing your customers about your business location and catching the attention of those who can become your customers in the future. The appearance of your monument signs says a lot about your business, it gives an idea to the visitors about how you see your business and what type of service they can expect from it.

What Are Monument Signs?

Monument signs are solid structures that are mounted by the ground either in the front of a facility or close to the road passing through the front of the facility. These structures are help visitors to identify that they have arrived at the right location. Custom monument signs in Georgetown TX are a very good option for outdoor advertising as they catch the attention of those who are either driving or walking by.

Monument signs are a long-term investment. Once you decide to get one, it is going to last for at least 10-15 years. This is one of the reasons that one must be extra careful while deciding the type, shape, design, and material of monument signs. In general, there are many choices of materials and finishes available, but business owners should make the decision based on what suits best to their theme of the business in the present and most likely for the next 10 years. Some common choices of materials for monument signs are:

What Are Illuminated Monument Signs?

With the advancement in technology and the growing need for engaging signage, illuminated monument signs have become a popular choice. They are the next generation of monument signs where the sign letters are illuminated by placing LED lights. They are many folds effective than a traditional monument sign as they can display the brand’s message in the dark too. This provides a big advantage to the brands whose business runs mainly during the night. As they are also used for wayfinding, illuminated monument signs are perfect to be used after the sunset.

How & Where To Place Monument Signs?

Monument signs are either mounted perpendicular to the roadway or they are installed parallel to the property. If you think your business can benefit more by placing the monument sign parallel to your property, then it must be printed on one side only. However, if your target customers are passing by from the street in front of your business, installing the monument sign perpendicular to the street is a better choice. They can be printed on both ends so that the people passing by can take a look at them from either side. 

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