Make Your Business Stand Out With Channel Letter Signs

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Your outdoor business signs deserve careful consideration. Are they working for you? Well-made signage will improve the perception of your business, bring traffic, and thereby accelerate sales. If you haven’t updated your signage in a while, it’s time to consider channel letter signs. There’s a reason these signs are one of the most popular products offered by sign manufacturers.

Here are some reasons to support the argument:

High Visibility

The primary benefit that channel letter signs offer is their size. These huge sign letters are visible from far away even during the dark hours, whether someone is walking or driving by. They help your brand get noticed and provide more time to the potential customers to read the sign.

Additionally, as only the sign letters are illuminated on these signs, they are cost-effective than other fascia signs that require material and lights between the letters. Overall, channel letter signs are known to deliver huge value.

Can Be Customized

How your business is unique and delivers better value to the customers, the better you communicate that to customers, the more impressed and loyal they will be towards your brand. Channel letters give a boost to the branding efforts as they can be customized in any way. Your brand’s unique font, colour and logo can all be mixed perfectly to create channel letters that exactly reflects your brand.

Offer A Unique Attraction

One very unique feature of channel letter signs is that they can become a center of attraction apart from highlighting your brand. You must have seen the city channel letter signs in major cities (like Toronto and Dallas, California?) They attract tourists and create memories for people as they pose for pictures and share the city’s brand on various social channels.

Many smaller businesses and non-tourist businesses have also started tapping into the power of channel letters to cultivate interest from social figures and the public at large. Just think about the image at the top of this post. It’s a channel letter sign a wedding venue has invested in to make their business more visual and cinematic.

Types of Channel Letters

There are four types of channel letter signs:

  • Front-lit channel letter signs
  • Reverse-lit channel letter signs (also called back-lit, halo-lit)
  • Open face channel letters
  • Specialty channel letters

Know More About Channel Letters Today

Get in touch with a professional sign maker in your area that has the expertise and knowledge to deliver custom business signs that communicate the right message to your customers. Find the right sign company near you and get started.

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