How Digital Signs Are Changing The Way Advertising Works

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With so many sources for information available, the emphasis on dynamic messaging is increasing. Brands are flooding every channel with images, videos, Gifs and more. Social media is moving rapidly from images to videos as they are more interactive and concepts like custom photography, short video clips are on the rise. But why this change suddenly? The answer – they are more engaging. The effectiveness of any advert relies upon how engaging it is for the target audience.

When it comes to offline marketing activities, the solution is Digital Signs. They provide opportunities to brands to present highly engaging content across all channels and have a more holistic approach towards promoting their products/services.

On the other hand, small brick and mortar businesses who cannot afford online marketing, digital signs are an affordable solution to deliver eye-catching content to their customers and garner more leads.

How Digital Signs Are Placed?

Digital signage can be installed anywhere as the traditional signage is installed, without worrying about the size. Like other indoor and outdoor business signs, custom digital signs can be designed in any shape or size depending entirely upon what the situation demands. Digital signs can be used as indoor signs as well as outdoor signs for any business out there. Whether it’s the lobby area to keep the clients entertained, or they can be placed near the billing counters to highlight discounts in a retail store or being used in parking areas to display directional information.

5 benefits of digital signage for businesses:

Attention Grabbing – One of the biggest advantages of using digital signs is the availability of custom messages. Brands can display multiple messages at once, which is not the case with traditional signage. They are dynamic and catch more attention at every situation.

Automated Message Updates – With custom digital signs, you have total control over the message that is being displayed and can change at your will. This comes in super handy when there is a need to display multiple messages or promotions at busy times like holiday seasons. You can feed multiple graphics at a time and change them as per what you find apt.

Cost-Effective – If you are looking to save time, with digital signage you do not have to worry about printing the material or in case of multiple banners, carrying them. You can rent them out to the retailers or offices as the message can simply be changed anytime. You can expect a decent return on your investment.

Impulse Buying – The ability to display multiple messages at a time, custom digital displays provide multiple choices to the customers to look at. This improves the odds of them finding what they were looking for. Especially in retail shops, digital signs can be very persuasive by highlighting current promotions and tempting customers to make impromptu buying decisions.

That Extra Bit of Information: Installing digital displays in stores and offices provides a source to the brands to showcase extra information to the visitors like more business locations, social channels, upcoming offers and more.

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